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A day in the life of…

Samiul Haque (Year Four)

The people at school are really polite. We are a society that recognises potential. We find children who do special work and they are rewarded with a Head Teacher’s Award. If you meet your target for the whole week you might be Star of the Week. I was awarded this at the beginning of the year for my Topic work so I’m trying hard to get it again. All the teachers are really nice and confident under pressure! They give all the children a boost so we improve our learning.

On Monday’s we have swimming. I think I do an excellent job during swimming lessons. Some people find it difficult and others find it easy. I find it easy. I can do butterfly, doggy paddle and swim on my back.

At school my job is being an ICT monitor. It is a very significant role in within our school. I have to go to Year One to check the new laptops, they are dazzling. I also check Key Stage Two’s Toshiba laptops. They are really easy to programme and use. I check the laptops with Lilly, she is my friend.

In the afternoons we have Reading for Pleasure. It’s when we choose a book and listen to teacher’s reading it. I chose Harry Potter as my book. Mrs Douras reads it to us. She’s brilliant at giving the characters expression. I’ve also been in Mrs Chester’s group. She makes the stories really interesting.

Harry Rilett-Malborn (Year Four)

I love Friday’s at school! First we have Literacy. At the moment we are learning about time connectives and stories. At 10.00 we have a quick playtime for about 15 minutes.
I play with my friends who are Khai, Harrison, Samiul and Bradley.

After play we have ukulele. It’s a bit like a small guitar but only has four strings. We learnt Ode to Joy. I then did some extra learning at home and learnt to play it on my keyboard.
I brought my keyboard into school and now I’m on the ukulele website!

Then we have Numeracy. We often do problem solving which is a real challenge. (Having a challenge helps you learn even more!) Then we have SPaG which stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Following SPaG we have lunch, yummy. I go for my office job during lunch time. I help Mrs Jones to sort and deliver letters to teachers, answer the telephone and open the post so it can be sorted. Being an office monitor is a big responsibility but I really like doing it.

After lunch we have topic. At the moment we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. The afternoons always go quickly on a Friday. We finish with Reading for Pleasure and then it’s off home for the weekend.