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Assessment Results

National Curriculum assessments are a series of educational assessments, colloquially known as SATs.  These are used to assess the attainment of children attending maintained schools in England. They comprise a mixture of teacher-led and test-based assessment depending on the age of the pupils.

Key Stage 1

During Year 2, teacher assessment is carried out in the core subjects of EnglishMathematics and Science. In English, teachers are required to record an assessment in the two strands of Reading and Writing. To assist teachers in arriving at an assessed grade, tests and tasks can be completed in reading, writing and mathematics.

Key Stage 2

During May in the final year of Key Stage 2, children in state-funded schools (and independent schools if they so choose) undertake three National Curriculum Tests: reading; spelling, grammar and punctuation and Mathematics. Science tests are taken by a selected sample of schools to monitor national performance in science. 

Writing, formerly a part of the test, is now assessed by teachers and is no longer part of the National Curriculum tests.

In addition to the tests, teachers are required to provide teacher assessments in the subjects tested.

These tests provide grades ranging from Working at below the standard of the tests to Working at Greater Depth