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Recruitment Process

The Governors of St. John’s CofE Primary Academy recognise the tremendous importance associated with employing all levels of staff to work in our school. It is the staff rather than any policy or documentation that enables the aims and visions of the school to be realised. The effectiveness and efficiency of any school is intrinsically linked to the quality of staff employed.

Click here to download a copy of our policy – this will help in clarifying the schools position in accordance with the following:

  1. National legislation regarding the recruitment and selection process,
  2. The guide to the law for school governors in voluntary aided schools.
  3. The ‘Church School Staffing’, a guide to recruitment, selection and induction of staff in schools of the Church of England and the Churches in Wales.’ (The National Society.)
  4. ‘Recruitment and selection’ – A guide to good practice (LA)
  5. The most current ‘School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Employment, ‘Conditions of Service for A.P.T & C staff in Locally Managed Schools.
  6. The schools policies on: ‘Pay ’, ‘Child protection’ and ‘Equal opportunities’
  7. Training and procedures advocated by the governor support service
  8. Local Authority’s Safer Recruitment Policies & Practices
  9. The Equality Act 2010 This Act ensures discriminations (direct and indirect), harassment and victimisation are challenged to ensure equality.