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Vision & Values


A place of excellence, that allows children to reach their full potential through faith, partnerships and a creative curriculum.

Mission Statement

Our key Christian Values which our patron St John the Baptist taught us are:

  • GGenerosity: We have generosity in our hands.
  • EEndurance: We have ambition and endurance in all of us.
  • TTolerance: We have tolerance in our minds.
  • F-Forgiveness: We have forgiveness in our hearts.
  • A- Ambition: We have ambition and endurance in all of us.
  • B- Belief: We stand on our own belief.

At St. John’s we are one big family. We believe in each other and God to aim high and achieve.

Values & Our Spiritual Ethos:

Our faith in God is reflected in our school, creating a Spiritual Ethos where we:


At St. John’s C of E Primary Academy we are enthusiastic learners with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to challenge ourselves, be able to persevere, respect one another, be polite, confident and considerate and believe in God and ourselves to achieve our goals.

St. John’s C of E Primary Academy will work in partnership with both staff and parents to support the school’s ethos and values. Parents will be welcomed and invited to take an active role in school life.